【学术报告】欧洲科学院院士、IEEE Fellow许立达教授学术报告
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报告人:许立达教授欧洲科学院院士、IEEE Fellow


报告题目:Internet of Things and its Industrial Applications

报告内容简介:Internet of Things (IoT) has provided a promising opportunity to build powerful industrial systems and applications by leveraging the growing ubiquity of radio-frequency identification (RFID), and wireless, mobile, and sensor devices. A wide range of industrial IoT applications have been developed and deployed in recent years. In an effort to understand the development of IoT in industries, this talk discusses the current research of IoT, key enabling technologies, major IoT applications in industries, and identifies research trends and challenges. The talk also discusses 4G/5G IoT and their relationship with Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025.

个人简介:许立达教授,欧洲科学院院士、IEEE Fellow、俄罗斯工程院院士,现任美国欧道明大学信息技术首席教授、上海交通大学特聘教授,曾任国务院发展研究中心研究员、中国科学院计算技术研究所研究员。许教授是教育部长江学者讲座教授、中国科学院海外杰出学者研究基金获得者、国家外国专家局重点引进专家、中国工程院《Frontiers of Engineering Management》创刊副主编、Enterprise Information Systems创刊主编、Journal of Industrial Information Integration创刊主编、IEEE和IFIP两个专业委员会的主席。许教授是国际上集成信息系统以及工业信息集成工程学科的主要开创者。发表200余篇期刊论文,其中46篇为IEEE Transactions论文,当选为2016年全球高被引科学家。